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Welcome to Beegether!

Hey there and welcome!  I’m super glad you’ve found my corner of the internet.  My name is Natasha and I am a teen (fourteen years old to be exact) change maker with a passion for bees.  I use this space to share my blogger/activist/bee enthusiast musings, and I’m always journeying into a new phase of growing this nonprofit, so follow along!

Newbee?  Get updated with a couple past blog posts in a mini ‘link swarm’!

  • Essential article alert: what you need to know about me and our mission before you read anything else.  (seriously!)
  • Speaking of essential, have you ever heard about essential oils?  Me too!  I do a whole talk about that, every month.  Here’s the details!
  • My friends can tell you how much I love lip balm, but here’s a secret: it gets a little expensive.  Here’s how to make your own, with organic beeswax!  Plus, you can use essential oils to make it scented.  It’s a win-win!
  • And how buying organic beeswax and essential oils will help support the bees and the earth.  More on that here!

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Thanks for taking a tour with me!

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