Is Beegether a registered 501 (c)(3)?

No, Beegether is not a 501(c)(3) – yet. Beegether is in the process of fundraising for this goal. You can donate here. Beegether is a looser version of a nonprofit.

How can I get involved with Beegether?

​Beegether is always looking for willing participants. You can subscribe to the newsletter to keep in touch, feature Beegether on your social media, blog, or share with your friends, and follow
@beegether on Twitter to receive updates. If you want more ideas, contact us here for personalized ideas.

If you have a question you think would do well to be in FAQ, please contact me with the button below and specify for FAQ, and if you have other general inquiries, please contact me below with the same button. Thank you!

I want to be featured on Beegether! How can I do that?

Well, I’m glad you’re here! Simply click the button below to get an evaluation on if you would be right. But before you email me, see if you fit into one of the categories below:
1. You do work for the bees or nonprofits, ex. beekeeper, nonprofit founder/staff for bees/environmental issues.
​2. You want to see if your online space can be featured on a link swarm.
​3. You want to share your expertise in an interview.

For more information, contact me with the below form so I can get a personal evaluation of your idea. Thanks!