About Me

Hi there!  I’m Natasha, a thirteen year old blogger with a love for bees.  When I was in the fourth grade, I was in a 4H beekeeping class which allowed me to explore my love for bees.  I participated in this class until I was in sixth grade, when it was discontinued.  I wasn’t done with bees just yet!  I found a hive, and extracted it from a valve box, a common place bees love to go to.

I put the hive in my backyard, with the help of my beekeeping teacher and my mom.  We discovered that the bees had no queen, and when we did, my mom and I bought a queen.  Yes, there are queens for sale and we bought an Italian, docile bee.  Once they had their queen, we found her in her queen cage, unfortunately, dead.  This sometimes happens, the bees don’t like the new queen, and they want to get rid of her.  We tried a second time, with a feral and this time, they took a shine to their new leader.  However, they liked her so much, they followed her and swarmed, leaving to find a new home.  Being a new beekeeper, we forgot to put on the queen excluder to prevent this from happening.  This hasn’t lessened my love for bees though!

Today, I run a newsletter, blog, and website, and have a full time job of school.  I am dedicated, responsible, and dearly love bees.  I use my motto, ‘If you see an issue, research it.  If you find a dire need in your community, solve it.  When you see a difference that needs to be made, bee it,’ as a guideline for my life and Beegether journey.  In April of 2016, I started Beegether, a community service project to assist the bees.  Now, I have a GoFundMe to raise money for starting a nonprofit to purchase and spread plants for beekeepers and the public.  I can’t wait to begin it.  In the meantime, I run a newsletter and blog and a Twitter page (@Beegether).  Click here to make a difference today!
No amount is too small.