About Me

Hey there!  I’m Natasha, a thirteen year old blogger with a love for bees, and I am the founder of Beegether.  Here on the blog I am proud to share my love for bees, and I mix that in with lifestyle, easy actions, and a fun spirit.

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In fourth grade, I attended a 4H beekeeping class, which was when I really started to find out about the bees, and I participated in this class until sixth grade, when it was discontinued.   That same year I was able to put a hive in my backyard, and requeen the hive with an Italian (docile) bee species.  However, they rejected it, as this sometimes happens, but we tried again with a feral bee, and they accepted her…and left the hive!

Now, I’m an eighth grader living in California, and even though I don’t have a beehive, I found there are other ways to make a difference.  In April of 2016, I started Beegether.weebly.com, a website and newsletter to inform the public about bees, and in December of 2016, I launched my Twitter page.  In May of 2017, I moved my website to Beegether.org, where you read today!

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My passion for changing the world, bees, and blogging still continues today.  Smash it all together and you’ve got Beegether, charity to bring back the population of bees.  Let’s bee together, Beegether, and let’s do it together.

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