Behind the Scenes of Beegether


One thing I always am wondering is what goes on behind the click of publish on a blog.  How do you get your photos so clean and bright?  What is the ratio of text to photos? (Okay, don’t know that one.)   How do you churn out posts every day?

Last year, I took some time off to plan the consistency of the posts – something I’ve been working on for 2018.  That’s right – I’m ready to launch this nonprofit!  Over the next couple weeks, you’ll notice some positive changes to the layout and way I blog, so stay tuned!

For now, I’ll be telling you what works for me and how I manage it all.  Let’s get started – I can’t wait to share!

  1. Planning

If you’ve ever taken the True Colors personality test, you’ll learn a bit about yourself.  I am a gold personality, which means I thrive on structure and planning.  As a serial planner, if I have it written or typed in a Word Document, it feels set and done.


October 2017 plan


In an average week, I plan on the weekends and work to get at least one of those things done the rest of the day.  (I start in the afternoons.)  I’ll make some goals and outline some action steps to make sure it’s reasonable, and then write it down on my Word calendar, so I can do it during the week.  I try and get one thing done per day, whether it be small or monumental.  Small steps lead to a big impact!

2.  Productivity

To be productive, it’s hard to do everything myself.  For each blog post, I take pictures, create images, write, draft, schedule a tweet, and promote, so I have some help from a few of my favorite blogging tools.  Hootsuite, to schedule my tweets into months in advance, Canva, to make my blog post images, and A Color Story to edit my photos I take.  For an average blog post, I take a couple steps:

  • Get inspired and write a couple sentences.
  • Stage (or impromptu!) some photos + take them.
  • Base text around those images and draft in
  • Tag, categorize, and publish (or schedule)!

3.  Ideas

I used to think writer’s block wasn’t a thing.  I mean, there’s always stuff to write about!  I thought wrong, there’s so much stuff to write about but what?  That’s why I use my idea notebook, recently started to write down ideas whenever I think of them.  It’s less that the size of my hand and super conveinnt.  Then, I’ll input those thoughts into, you guessed it, Word.

Hopefully, you got some inspiring tips to launch your blog, or just to see what goes on behind the profile photo.  This post only scraped the tip of the iceberg, but if you want if you need more resources to start a blog, check out the blogs I’ve used to launch mine, including Sarah at Yes and Yes, Elsie + Emma at A Beautiful Mess, and Darren at ProBlogger.

Sometimes, it’s most important that you are human, and this happens to all of us.  I’ve forgotten to post, found no new content, and been tragically uninspired.  But life happens!  So don’t be afraid of starting a blog and having life happen, prepare, automate, make a calendar!  But most of all, enjoy what you are doing, and that will keep you going far longer than any list, plan, or post.  Enjoy what you do, and you will succeed!

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