January Recap

New year, new goals! I’m happy to be recapping with you guys about our months and how we’ve been taking it a step further with our yearly word action. Let’s get started and informed in what’s going on!


  • Published Beegether’s goals during the first week of the year. We set a vision for 2018, holding accountability with all of our supporters — you!
  • Compiled a list of bee – saving businesses so you can easily Live Better + Make the World a Better Place Check it out!
  • Emailed three people for an interview on Beegether and all responded positively!  Emma Sarah Tennant, a beekeeper who experiments with aromatherapy, is coming on next month. Mark your calendars!
  • Researched and reached out to possible plant producers in California. If you have any suggestions on who to pick or have connections to organic, local, plant producers please contact me at Beegether (at) yahoo (dot) com.

Thanks for sticking with us this month? What’s going on in your world? Click reply!


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