Support the Bees Through Daily Purchases!


I love being able to make an impact with things I already would buy or will buy! And personally, this is one of my favorite topics to write about on Beegether because I love sharing the things I love! In this post, I’m giving it a little twist. I’m making a buildable list on businesses supporting the bees, to help consumers be able to find businesses with the intent of supporting the bees.

At Beegether, we love to support bee – friendly businesses. A bee – friendly business is a business that supports the bees through using their products in a sustainable way. A bee – supporting business supports the bees while donating a portion of their profits to the bees, and/or raises awareness of the bees.

Some of these I’ve found on my own, others I’ve reached through Twitter or personal contact.

Want to be added to this list? Contact me here or reach me at Beegether (at) yahoo (dot) com. Please put bee – friendly businesses in the subject and include a link to a business online profile. Thank you!


This business has such a great idea! A portion of profits is donated to save the bees, and you can borrow reusable moving boxes in Seattle to save cardboard and the earth’s material.

Bubbly Bee Co.

Quality homemade bracelet business with really cute bee charms – and 10% of profits to Greenpeace to save the bees!

Bees and Thank You Grilled Cheese

Grilled cheese made with sweet, delicious honey – bee-friendly to use their products naturally and responsibly.


Plantables sells ‘bee – bombs’ with bee – friendly plants, with its sustainable focus and worker focuses company.

Sweet Life Honey Farm

Sweet life Honey farm describes themselves as, “Our quaint, family owned honey farm specializes in Natural, sustainable, and recyclable products that promote a healthier environment and a healthier you.” on Twitter.  Check them out!

This list will be updated as more businesses are found! To the businesses: thank you so much for creating quality products. We appreciate your role in promoting bee friendly or supporting products for an eco – friendly world.

Has this list helped you in any way, consumers? Let me know in the comments below! Businesses, feel free to comment below more about you and your product!

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