On New Starts, the New Year, and 2018

Happy New Year Beegether Readers!

Can you believe it’s already 2018? I’m so shocked a year has already passed, but I’m super excited about what we can accomplish this year. I love planning, so the end of December is a busy time for me, as I’m gearing up for an awesome year. Now that 2018 has finally arrived, I wanted to share some of my nonprofit goals and the word I want to implement this year. We have 365 days and want to make every one count!

To start off the New Year right, I’m getting into my goals for Beegether, and our action for these topics. My 2018 yearly word is ACTION. Beegether has a solid following, nonprofit status, and has been gearing up, and it’s time to channel this momentum into movement. I’m putting these goals out there as a preview of what 2018 will accomplish.

At first, I was a bit apprehensive to put these goals out there, because I wasn’t sure if I could do everything I had dreamt. But after a few moments of contemplation, this really was the best thing to do. We’re all in this together, and if we are all on the same page, we can truly bee together like the mission states. Here are two of my main goals this year!

1. Implement the mission

2017 has been focused on growing our audience, finding our voice, and raising funds to start this nonprofit. 2017 was the year Beegether as a 501(c)(3) began, and 2018 is the year of action. I’ll be hosting volunteer efforts to plant and purchase beekeeping plants, and I’ll let you know where I’ll be getting the plants from once coordinated. I’ll be partaking in meet and greets, where you can talk to me about my mission and meet me in real life. Most importantly, we’ll notify the public of this movement, through action, and make Beegether a top nonprofit.

2. Get connected

Like many influential goals, we need people. To create action, I can’t be the only one buying organic, local, honey and spreading the buzz about our mission. I need your help, and I’m looking to expand Beegether’s audience even further. To do this, I am looking into more guest blogging and having others guest blog on Beegether. Beeing a pollinator and spreading the buzz is super important, and we’ll do just that this year!

Two goals may not seem like a lot, but it isn’t the quantity of the goals that I set, but the action taken during this year. During 2018, let’s take a lot of action. This is your year. Want to learn more? Subscribe to our newsletter and receive free emails dedicated to informing you about the bee population and introducing you to Beegether, plus three, easy, free ways to take action and save the bees in your own household: perfect for beginning in 2018.

A new year is a fresh start, and for me a year of action. What’s your theme for this year? Let me know in the comments below!

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