The Chemical Laden Slope: And What I Did About It

Copy of Copy of Copy of Link Swarm!Something I’m super passionate is about plants and bees, so it’s no surprise I have a nonprofit surronding around these two things.  But do you know the backstory about how I found these two passions?

In fifth grade, outside of the property of my school, was an unruly weed-laden slope.  To control these dead plants, they doused the slope with RoundUp, a life killing pesticide, on a regular basis, which kids climbed on and played next to.  Though RoundUp is not a neonic, it is VERY harmful to life, including animals, bees, plants, and humans, as a registered antibiotic.  It’s meant to kill life, so it is harmful to all sorts of life.  If you use RoundUp for your own weeds, do everyone a favor, and be the leader, stop using RoundUp.

After doing some research, my mom and I decided to take action.  We talked to the administrators, and they agreed to let us replant the slope, and they wouldn’t spray RoundUp >> if we came up with the funds and the hands.

I went door to door around my neighborhood, collecting $1,400 for plants for the slope.  We also coordinated with a local church on their weekend of serving to plant the plants.  Soon, we planted the plants, and the slope was restored to the greenery it must contain.

Today, three years later, I visit the same place, and see bees buzzing about and a covered slope with the same greenery I led planting a few years ago.  Not only was this a great way to restore our environment, creating bee-friendly spaces, our community was able to supply volunteers, band together, and make our community greener, which positively affects the bees.  Every time I walk by, I am reminded of my mission for Beegether: to duplicate this process throughout our world.



Yep, that’s me three years later, at the slope!  And there’s the Giving Tuesday heart!



However, I can’t do it alone.

Togetherness is something I based Beegether off of.  You’re apart of the equation, Bee + Together = Beegether to save the bees.  We must all do something, rather than nothing.  I have an action plan for you:

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What action are you taking to make this world a better place?  An easy way, this Giving Tuesday, is to give $5.  A small, easy amount to test the waters and see what’s happening. We appreciate your donation, whether large or small.  Giving Tuesday is a great way to kick off the holiday season with a gift of funds for our nonprofit.  Beegether, a certified 501(c)(3) thanks you for your gift!