Beegether’s Giving Tuesday 2017

Copy of Copy of Copy of Link Swarm! (1)love November, don’t you?  Being thankful, getting into the winter vibe, and pulling out sweaters (!) is all apart of getting into the end of the year spirit.  The days counting down to Thanksgiving always give me a little thrill.  After all, it is time to see family and eat delicious delicacies while giving thanks around a cozy dinner table!  But then, after we’ve said our thanks, there’s always that one day: Black Friday.

Black Friday

This day has never made since to me, nor its placement.  Why do we give thanks the day before only to wake up the next morning and barrel into a store and buy, buy, buy!  It’s like there’s no opportunity to mellow in this calmed and thankful state before you wake up and begin the cycle again!  Even next Monday, Cyber Monday is expansive and growing at a rapid rate!

I understand, however, discounts galore, and especially if you’re on a tight budget, these days are perfect for your holiday gift giving.  But these ideals were exactly what started Giving Tuesday in 2012.  With two holidays dedicated to consumerism and spending, it’s only fair that organizations getting in the front lines, to save our planet, raise awareness, and assisting others get a day of giving too.  That’s why Beegether is proud to be apart of Giving Tuesday, a worldwide day of giving.  

Why Donate To Beegether?

Beegether is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit to do imperative works: preserve the population of bees.  Our mission says:

Beegether strives to gain public awareness of the decreasing population of bees, along with informing the public, with actions creates change.

Our nonprofit will raise funds to buy, plant, and distribute bee-friendly plants to  beekeepers to ensure and promote their survival.

In other words, we’re raising funds from generous donors like you to raise awareness through action about the diminishing population of bees while making safe places for them to go by making our earth greener and planting plants.  What’s not to love?

Here at Beegether, we are people of a team.  We don’t expect everyone to do all of the work, we share it together.  We have a goal of raising 1,000 dollars overall to buy 200 plants and coordinate with places around the globe to partake in our nonprofit’s mission.  The question is: will you help us out?  Five dollars will buy a plant for our mission and help get us going.  Not only will dozens of hives reap the benefits, you’ll also be benefitting your community, your family, the bees, and the environment.

Visit, and click Donate Now.  Your donation is greatly appreciated, whether small or large.  No matter if you can give one dollar, five dollars, or five hundred, give whatever you can.  Thank you for giving in this holiday season, choosing Beegether, and making a difference for everyone.  Click here for more information!

P.S. More about consumerism and minimalizing (Is that a word?) right here on bullet number one!

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