Link Swarm!

Copy of Copy of Copy of Link Swarm!

Hi readers!  I’m just loving these link posts, gives me the opportunity to point out small bee-friendly businesses, letting you guys know a little about me, and simply getting down to the basics.  Plus, it’s Thanksgiving month, my favorite holiday and the month of our surprise.  Stay tuned!

  1. A little side note: consuming too much is NOT good for the planet.  I’ve watched these videos every year since I was nine, and they are so motivating!  I’ve been decluttering lately and it’s been so rejuvenating just to purge.  Especially before the holidays, when we accumulate so much stuff.  #foodforthought  (This movie is my personal favorite!)  @storyofstuff
  2. I’ve been reading this recently.  It is so motivating and applies in so many areas of my life, and will no matter your age.  Read it!
  3. As someone who associates colors with numbers, I find color so fascinating.  Did you know that bees see different colors on flowers than we do?  This article is so interesting.  @beeculture
  4. If you read the last article and wondered about keystone species, you’re not alone.  I did too!  I did some research about it and found this.  Fascinating! @aboutcomanimals
  5. Three, easy, free ways to save the bee population?  I’m in!  Click here for the full list + food for thought for three weeks! @beegether

That’s it for now friends!  How are you enjoying these?  I’ve enjoyed making them!


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