Lessons from the Hive: Purpose

Alright, alright.  I know what you are thinking.  This title sounds like something from the preschool books of young Aristotle…philosophical, purposeful, you know what I’m saying?  But hey!  Everyone can benefit a little from all of that wisdom, which is why I’m taking cues from the Aristoles of the animal kingdom, bees.

Have you ever seen a bee meander along, aimlessly wandering along flowers, not busily buzzing, and pollinating, taking the pollen along with them as they go?  I haven’t!  Whenever I see a capable pollinating bee, they always seem to be doing something.  It’s programmed in them to help their hive and continue the line of honeybees after them.  They know it is up to each of them to keep the hive running smoothly.

I once read an interesting article in a book, and it asked what a bee’s reason to exist was.  Because of my bee obsession and the time I had on my hands, nothing seemed more interesting than this mysterious question, What WAS the bee’s reason to bee?

The book said it was in their minds, and they buzzed along quite contented because of their future generations.  I related it to how some animals can walk right after birth, they don’t really need to learn, just knowing it.  We are also programmed to want a purpose in life, and want to do something so people would remember us.  It made me wonder how we could take some cues from bees…thus this post!

Take some cues from the bees! Two steps to success!

  1. Serve.  Just like the bees, serve.  Volunteer for the greater good!  Take your blessings, your time, your money, your energy, and lend it to others.  In turn, you will reap awesome benefits, and also put your time to good use.  Win, win!
  2. Get ‘accountability partners’.  You know, real, honest people who will actually call you out!  Bees aren’t just going to take a day off because they are not feeling like it.  Think of all of the people you’ll help, put it on your calendar, schedule reminders on your phone.  Once you get there, time flies.

For me, my purpose is found in helping others.  My passion is bees, reading, running, and blogging.  For me, think jog-a-thon, read-a-thon, (is that a thing?) blogging for a cause, and helping out a beekeeper!  What is your purpose, and your passion?  Comment below, I’d love to hear about it!

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