Lessons From the Hive: Togetherness

I love taking a look at other people and figuring out areas of my life I could improve, and trust me, I am never done.  There are ALWAYS areas to improve in.  So I thought, “Why not take some of the bee’s favorite characteristics, and dig deeper?”

Working together: This is kind of a cliché, right?  TEAM?  Together everyone achieves more?  But then againnnn, it kind of is true, isn’t it?  That’s why I named this site Beegether!  Bees are awesome about working together, aren’t they?  They embrace community, and work together like they are all apart of one, and they do a great job.  Just imagine what would happen if we all worked together and made a change, the world would be better because of it, if like minded people banded together to make a change.

Not only do I want to foster the preservation of the bee population, I also want to let the world band together, and learn how to use their unique talents to help out our Earth.  I’d love it if you would join us on our journey together.

So…what am I supposed to do to better myself in the togetherness sector?  I like to know HOW I’m supposed to do something, or at least get some ideas, tips, or guidance.  Heeding my own advice, here are three things you can do:

1. Find your talents.  Find out what you are good at!  Organization?  Great!  Have a dedicated following?  Awesome!  Like to write?  Perfect!  If you have any of these or other talents, send me an email!  I have tons of volunteer opportunities and in a couple of months I’m going to roll out a volunteer page, with signups and volunteer opportunities.  Stay tuned!

2. Find your passion.  Are you even interested in organization?  If not, then don’t do it!  Make sure you are committed and enjoy it before you start. You’ll be better at it if you love what you doing.

3. Get active!  Volunteering is incredibly filling, it fills you time, your heart, and the world.  Save a bee! 96% of people say that volunteering gives humans a sense of purpose, and 76% of people said that volunteering made them feel healthier.  Totally something I want in on!

Everyone has a talent to make a change, and everyone has the ability.  Some can use their position to assist others, while others like me can make a platform to spread the buzz.  Even consumers have the ability to make a change, if they buy goods to support causes they are passionate about! (More on that in an upcoming blog post!)  If we all banded together and decided to support local artisans rather than cheaply made products from Big Box stores, by being together, proceeds could go to your favorite charity, supporting their awesome strengths, and promoting togetherness and support.  I don’t know about you, but I LOVE that!

Leave a comment…what do you love, and what are your talents?  How are you going to make a change in your community by using your talents, platform, and passion, and work together to achieve togetherness by volunteering?

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