Local Lip Balm to Support the Bees!


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Local Lip Balm to Save the Bees! – Beegether

Hi there!  So glad you clicked over to my blog!  The struggle is real, seriously.  The perfect lip balm.  One lazy Saturday morning, I realized I was low on lip balm. So I whipped out my recipe for my favorite, “Beegether’s Bee Bounty Lip balm,” It looks like this, why don’t you give it a go?

1 teaspoon organic, local honey
​1/2 oz organic beeswax
​3 3/4 oz organic olive oil
​12-16 drops of organic peppermint essential oil or mint extract

*For personal use only, please!*

Do you like PDFs + pictures + detailed instructions?  Click on the PDF below!



How did you like it?  Another giveaway, maybe?

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