Ummm…We Aren’t Doing Good for Recognition, Are We? On Making a Change Without a Standing Ovation

Some people have a receiving mindset.  I mean, what’s the point of doing something if everyone isn’t going to hand you gold medals and cheer for you? (joking here)

​Surprisingly, (or not), the human race, no matter who you are, wants some sort of recognition.  It’s why we participate in sports, want a promotion, or work to get that PhD.  It’s natural.

​However, the real world is knocking, and you realize just because you buy a reusable grocery bag and use it doesn’t mean you’ll get a standing ovation.  But doesn’t it feel good when you know you made a difference in the world?  Saved a turtle from eating the plastic bag?  Or used and listened to the cliché, save a tree?

​Today, my message to you it is just as valuable to do those small little things you are performing, don’t stop making a change in the world just because you think no one notices.  Because we do.  Someday, those actions will add up, just as the actions I send you monthly that (I hope) you carry out are, little by little, making a difference.

P.S. It’s never too late to carry out the last action!  I mean, if you really liked this post you would love to know why you shouldn’t buy the bear!  Or why beeing a pollinator and spreading the word about is a great idea!


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