For a long time, Beegether operated off of a Weebly website, perfect for the beginning site!  However, as our online presence grows, I found it imperative we begin to grow our internet presence.  As of today, our new website is!  All of the information on the previous site has been transferred over to the new program.  I’ll be able to continue to make changes through Beegether, with our new website!  Make sure to check it out!

Thank you so much for all who donated!  Beyond our new site, I have also filed the Articles of Incorporation, which is one step closer to achieving a critical goal, 501 ©(3) nonprofit status!  The Articles of Incorporation certifies the name, gets the state to recognize Beegether as a nonprofit corporation, and gives us the ability to apply for grants from generous donors.  The next step would be to obtain tax exempt status.  With your funds and our expertise, we all are able to bee-together…Beegether, by creating a nonprofit we all can benefit from. 

I am still accepting donations because we have a long way to go before we have full nonprofit status.  This is only one of the beginning steps! Click here to donate.  

For accountability purposes, I have included the following usages of the funds donated to Beegether:

Domain name: ($7.99/1st year)

Articles of Incorporation Filing Fee: $30.00

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