It’s official, Beegether’s been around for one year.  On April 7th, I decided to make my dream into an action.  Here’s five things I’ve learnt for your benefit (if you want to start a nonprofit) and so you know how I’ve grown.

​1. If you’re going to start something, finish it.
​You may (or may not have 😭) noticed I took a small ​blogging ‘break’ from June to October.  I’m so glad I picked it back up, because I’ve gotten better at balancing out Beegether and life, and have made a huge impact too!  That’s important ’cause without that one thing has to go.

​2. Blogging is work.  But you can make it happen.
As 2016 went along, I practiced what I called as ‘half blogging’.  Half blogging is blogging once a month…same on the newsletter and on the website.  Now that I’ve created some habits and mastered the art of writing when I have time and posting when I don’t, I have new content every week.  AND an entire section on my desk about Beegether’s new blog post ideas.

3. Revising your blog is important.
​I’ve just posted my first blog update post and I had so much fun editing my blog.  Really, that’s all that needs to be said.

​4. Social media helps.
​Social media (Twitter) is the reason why I have 60 unique visitors a day instead of 0-5.  And while that is not a lot measured to famous bloggers with their 13K a month, that’s (on average) 1,800 visitors a month.  And for a twelve year old with a one year old blog and 26 followers on Twitter, that’s not bad.

​5. Persevere.
Some people don’t like your posts.  Some people will adore them.  But whether you have 5 followers or 3,000, you are making a difference, you can and will make a difference and the only people who succeed are the ones who try.

​Thank you all for your support as Beegether has grown!  I hope to be celebrating even more as we continue on…into nonprofit status!

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