5 Tips on Indoor Gardening

I’m an avid gardener!  I love to watch things grow from seed to plant, then produce food for myself and my family.  Recently, I’ve been taking these adventures indoors and in my room, a sunny space perfect for growing plants.  Right now, I have some arugula, tomatoes, and basil and succulents growing.

​Indoor gardening helps the bees because when you put the plants outside, when they have flowered, you provide food for the pollinators as well as reaping the benefits yourself.  It’s a win-win!
I’m going to give you five tips to get you started on indoor gardening.

​1.  Indoor gardening is easy!  You don’t have to be growing food, you could have succulents, or houseplants that are advertised as low-watering.  Or, you can choose easy plants like mint to grow attached to the ceiling, and other herbs to add some spice to your house and meals.

​2. Food scraps = Plants  I currently have a celery stalk growing for a couple weeks now, and food has been climbing up…it really works!  Add water and leave alone for some low maintenance gardening.  See more tips here!

​3.  Easy and economical tip: Buy three different sizes of ceramic pots, (a good price at Michaels), and plant a seed in the small one, place a sprout (such as a kitchen scrap) in the medium one, and place a taller plant in the largest.  As each one graduates, pass each one through the pots as they grow, then start putting your plants outside!

​4. This is more of a benefit, but did you know indoor plants have been known to reduce headaches and stress and also clean the air of your home?  No more needs to be said on that one!

​5.  Small sprouts are very delicate and can’t be pushed down by a watering can’s hard blast of water.  Instead, find a spray bottle and water the plant like that.  Don’t forget the drainage trays underneath!

​Are you already an indoor gardener?  Share your pics with me here!
What are you waiting for?  Get your green thumb on!

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