First Link Swarm!

Beegether’s First Link Swarm!

What’s a link swarm?
(Traditionally called link RoundUp but RoundUp is a name of a harmful herbicide against bees, so that wouldn’t be fitting.)
It’s a swarm of fun links you can visit, from videos to funny stories, all ranging from topics of my favorite inspirational quotes to being a changemaker to funny videos featuring people catching a swarm. This is a bee and being a changemaker blog, so everything will revolve around that. Sound great? I got the idea from Sarah Von Bargen.

I know not all of you are beekeepers, but this link is fun to read for beekeepers and non-beekeepers alike. I reached the ‘hearing buzzing when there are no bees around’ stage.

I’m always posting helpful links about saving the bees, but I think this one is pretty awesome in itself.

Our monthly email just talked about bumblebees and their mixups, but this link has tons of links if you want some more information. There’s lots of links, so I picked and chose my favorites. ⬇️

Gardening for bumblebees! If you aim to assist your garden and promote pollinators at the same time, this post is for you!

More about bumblebees…just because, you know, they’re cute, black and yellow, and fuzzy. Plus they’re excellent pollinators and you rely on these creatures for comfortable survival. (!)

This video: 👍 or 👎? (Not that I’m expecting you to catch a hive, but just a subtle hint…)

By the way, if you haven’t noticed, I have started a whole new obsession with bumblebees. If you didn’t think I was obsessed with bees. If you have a sudden interest in a bee topic, feel free to go here and recommend a topic. You can even say your favorite thing and I’ll find, no, I will not try, I will find, a, specific to you, topic on how bees correlate with your favorites. Just click on this link.

Did you like this post? Any suggestions for the next weekly link swarm? Let me know in the comments below!

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