Exciting News Beegether Members!

Previously, I checked my email, and I realized my formatting was a bit wonky…thanks to the help of some of my Beegether friends! My pictures were HUGE, yet my words were miniscule. To resolve this issue, I built a website/blog, beegether.weebly.com.

Yes, you read it here first! Beegether is getting a website! But before I tell you about your action and how you can help spread the word, let’s learn a bit about the secret behind the queen, royal jelly.

You may wonder how a queen as a baby is different from other worker bees. The answer lies in two words, royal jelly. Royal jelly, also called bee milk, sounds just like what it is, a jellylike substance that is fed to the royal bee, aka the queen, to create a matriarch for the hive. As a baby, all bees are fed royal jelly for three days, except the queen is fed royal jelly for the duration of her stay in the cell, as a larvae, which is the scientific name for a baby bee. When the workers decide they need a new queen because the other is dying or already dead, instead of ceasing to give royal jelly to a would be worker, the bees continue the diet of royal jelly, creating a queen. Most often the bees will make a few queens so they will fight for their position as queen, and the hive will have the strongest selection. The queens who lost have died from the fight, therefore there are not two queens within the colony.  The epigenetics of feeding the bee royal jelly triggers gene expression to create larger ovaries, and a forty times longer life span compared to a worker bee. Royal jelly comes from the head of the worker bees…their sisters. Appetizing, right?

Want to learn more about royal jelly? Here is a great article:  http://www.wired.com/2015/09/royal-jelly-isnt-makes-queen-bee-queen-bee/

My action and your action is to bee a pollinator…spread the good news! This week, you will be spreading the word about beegether.weebly.com, and letting people know it even exists! My website will be an easy way for your friends and family to see and share our journey in saving the bees.  Each email will be sent to you, but also with a link to my blog so you can easily comment and give feedback, or perhaps be able to see the words a bit clearer.  After you share beegether.weebly.com with five people, post on my blog that you have visited.  My website makes it easy for me to hear from you, with surveys on my blog page, and a contact me space on my contact page.  You can also request a bee topic of interest for me to cover on my weekly email.  Lastly, see what started it all, on the homepage.

Thanks for all of your support in making Beegether possible.  Let’s use the Internet, email, and websites to spread the news to save the bees!

A special shout out and huge thank you to JJ for teaching me how to use Weebly.

A Busy Bee,

*Update 28 May 2017*  This is an old post, therefore has an old website.  Please share Beegether.org.  Thanks!

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