Welcome to Beegether, a charity founded by 14 year old Natasha T. focusing on raising funds to buy, plant, and distribute bee – friendly plants to beekeepers to ensure and promote their survival, raising awareness of the decreasing population of the bees.

Our Values

“If you see an issue, research it. If you find a dire need in your community, solve it. When you see a difference that needs to be made, bee it.”
-Natasha, Beegether Founder

The Beeginning

Albert Einstein’s eerie quote, “If the bee disappeared from the surface of the globe, man would only have four years left to live.” made me question the 44% decline of the bee’s population from 2015. Bees are important to our society, as 1/3 of bites of food you eat are pollinated by the bees, and without them, we won’t comfortably survive.

Take Action!



Our Mission

Beegether strives to gain public awareness of the decreasing population of bees, along with informing the public, with actions creates change.

Our charity will raise funds to create safe havens of bee-friendly plants to ensure and promote their survival.  For daily updates, follow our Twitter.